Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a eventful week!

Despite the fact that my Ipod today decided to be fried during a crash on the computer (damm Microsoft!) and i had a field's day restoring it (It would have been better if someone comforted me though the ordeal because i was really loathing myself at the time). And the fact i had proganada enriched training from my mother in both Security and Trust (So that's isolation then). I had a pretty good week and here it is:

Monday- Prepared for a Job interview
Tuesday- Job interview, did very at it too. I was able to answer their questions with sheer honesty.
Wednesday- Booked a appointment for a current account. Done with ease
Thursday- Job searching, its pretty quiet but i did expand on my entrirpenral fronts well. Now if only i can get some time on doing the blueprints for it.
Friday- Work experience, pretty strange start at first but it was all plain sailing.
Saturday- Current account interview. The wheels for phase 1 of my independence plan is in motion!

So, best laid plans worked this time round and i hope they do in the future.

P.S: No update on Dreamer's fanfiction due to new persnol problems involving the parental controls again, and their might not be one for MangaF because quite frankly, there is nothing to report!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The site is finally updated!

Special entry syndicated on CCR and blogger.

After all the persnol and hosting problems, the Dreamer's fanfiction website is finally updated with the latest fanfic "The Dreamer and the Goddess". It has took many months and the stats shows how much i put into it:

41 Chapters
154 pages
38636 Words
208516 Letters

Size of source (OpenOffice): 93.0KB
Size of TXT version:211KB
Size of PDF version:553KB
Size of LIT version:198KB
Size of EXE (Lite):515KB
Size of EXE (Normal):1.27MB

So please go and download\view it. The fanart gallry is also fixed and updated. As is the forum.

The site is:

BTW, this for those who are viewing the blog on blogger, i may no longer be updating the blog due to the fact they want me to switch over to a google account system. I am currently undeiced about this move.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Call to arms

This is a special entry to the blog, yet is syndicated on CCR.

This is a plea to the world. Yesterday (as i write this) the UK goverment pubished "The Gowers Report", a report on how to tackle so called "piracy".

In it contained absurd and bittersweet ideas including:

  • 10 Year inprisonment
  • Keeping the 50 year copyright
  • Only allowing music to be copied from CD to MP3 and not vice versa
They claim this is to protect the industry and to modernise the copyright laws for the digital age, when in fact it is just revising a dead horse.

And today, The Financial Times pubished an "advert" (i.e a petition) listing 4,500 artists (Including U2 and Sir Cliff Richard) backing increased copyright to 95 years. That means 4,500 artists become econamic bullies overnight.

Why? Because copyright is now only effective for 2-10 years old (2-4 at the minium), with today's technology we can things quickly and effectivily. With today's poltics on the industry we are forced to do it to send a clear message to companies that we do not tolrate companies who bully the people, or those who devlop products for the viewing public. We don't tolrate DRM, we don't tolrate poor distibuations, we don't even tolorate rip off prices. We don't tolarate unfairness, but you have muted us out of offical channels so we have to seek unoffical methods.

But there is hope, with the absurd ideas shown in the report, it will add new groups to the debates, and increase others. So do your bit, not only for yourself but everyone around you. Don't standby and let the econamic bullys destroy not only your life but others and even the industries they supposdly protect.

Protect the industry, by showing these bullies a thing or too about people power!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Endless war is back!

After all the persnol disputes, endless war is back! I have agreed to have my own connection so hopefully i won't have any trouble from a brother who doesn't understand "spirt", "people power", "creativity" or "liberty". Unfortantly, my brother is needing another operation so it may be after christmas till i get it. It is however, no excuse for him for not being slightly relaxed on the parental controls now, however he could try new parental control systems soon so i will wait untill they are done before i make any comment.

Sadly, as i reel off from one problem, i fall into a new one. It seems that i can't access the control panels to Dreamer's fanfiction, or to be more perscise... it doesn't exist! I have e-mailed the host about this but he hasn't replied. If he doesn't fix problem i will just update MangaF when December comes round.

On the bright side, i am putting into motion two agendas for me to get into employment and independence. I am looking into forming my own bank account, and i am continuing my jobseeking course by looking into employment opputiuintes and doing work experince. If all goes well, 2006 could just be considered a blurb in my life and 2007 will hopefully be full of protental.

Sadly, the same can't be said for DA, who has been even more absurd. I recommend a look in my DA journal to find out more detials:

Persnolally, i'm getting so fed up their bullying,propoganda and beacuracy that i may be leaving DA soon.

Oh, and if you are on DF forum, CCR or Belldandy's angel feathers, Why not try my continous contest, there's no time limit and if your good enough you may get a certificute. The contest is called "Hypnotic Urd"

If your on CCR, just a quick note that you may have seen a link to my tempory gallery showing my pro-fandom posters. Do you like them?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

An amazing dream

This post is synced with the CCR edition.

Part of my hobby work envolves converting some fanmade manga for MangaF. One of my contributors is Clowprincess223 who produces some great work including Yugioh: A simple game (A satire on Yugioh). But her greatist work is Cardcaptor Torika, a fanmade follow up to Cardcaptor Sakura\ Cardcaptors. It has entered its second season known as "Heart Cards" and last night i read her latest chapter "Puppetmaster" and when i went to bed after all my online stuff is checked out, i had a dream. It had the main cast of Cardcaptor Torika, and possibly Yuna and even my brother in it, in a similar story to "Puppetmaster". Oh the irony!

Anyway, if you like what you heard, pop on over to her site, the link to which is attached to this post.

Now the rest of the news, i am contining work on my fanfic, its about 60-75% done. Two new chapters are up on mediaminer if you can't wait.

My forum is going to be skinned shortly and i need to know what skin you would like on it, pop along to my forum at:

Incidently, i need members and a active community on that and on my other fourm, RPG Fairground:

Also, my previous contest (Morpan's Birthday) has been cancelled, there was only one entry i'm afriad. So i have started a new one, check DF Forum for more details (There is a bigger prize as well!)

Some good news on the DA front, they are going to loosen their rules up a bit, what that will mean to me (let alone others) i have no idea. They have already done some reorginaztion with the catagories, but where the other proposals will be i have no idea (possibly when they upgrade the site.).

And thats it for general news, if you are viewing this on CCR, i have some more infomation to share.

And now your moment of ace!

"Did we ask for POV? No we didn't! REVERT!"
My response to a anon user's edit on Wikipedia when he\she attempted to make bias out of a highly senstive article

Friday, June 30, 2006

In a change to our current shedule...

This is a special message that is only being synced with CCR (which you will find out why) and is partly based on the news post on my fourm.

Right, towards the end of this month there has been some problems so i will tell what they are and what is being taken.

First off, there has only been one entry and one vote in the first DF contest (Morpan's birthday)

Secondly, it seems DevientArt is doing a witchhunt on wallpapers and possibly fanart because, as you might have seen they removed about 12 deviations and 1 screenshot without a chance for me to give a defence (worse still, it happened when i replied to the community news letter). And now i fear for the safty of wallpaper desginers like me, as well as fanartists because of a similar ordeal that is taking place.

Thirdly, I just don't have enough time to do Dreamer's sims.

So, here is what's going to be done:
  1. In terms of the contest, it will be extended to another month but if there are no new entries then it will be canceled.
  2. In terms of DevientArt, i will prepare a defence case and send it to them, as i feel i was unfairly dismissed. From the looks of things, their 100 rules (which are not clearly detialed) and there obssession with US law (in terms of forcing it across a world webcommunity) is not going down well.
  3. In terms of Dreamer's sims, i will have a think about it. A lack of responces to it on the Dreamer's sims section is not helping but thats beside the point, the big problems lie in compatablity issues, the fanbase and finding the space to store the extras online.
So site updates and fanfic updates may be delayed by a day or two.

After the updates are finally done, there will be a brand new Avault website (since the other one went down due to an upgrade on the Network Six server of which it was hosted). And then after that, the fanfic will be continued (There might even be a second fanfic provider!)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All panic moments out of the way, all catch up still not done

Well, its been a hectic last few weeks for me, and now its getting hot in the UK again! That means uncomftable moments, needs of fans and the news complaining about a drought! (Especially and ironoclly the BBC, who are doing a season of programs about "climite change").

I have heard on the media news areas that Five is planning two new channels (Five US and Five Life), both of them seem to miss their target by a mile, as basically it has been covered ten times over and Five doesn't do it propley.Meanwhile, ITV is planing to merge two regions, Merdian west and Central South to form... wait for it... ITV Thames Valley. One problem, Central south also covers Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, both regions are completly unconnected to the River Thames.

Whats being done about that? Well while Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Swindon will become part of the new region. Gloucestershire will become part of ITV West, and Herefordshire will become part of ITV Central west. That means news stories relating to both regions could be casted aside due to location, as was the case with the old BBC South East region before it was split into three. You can find out more about that at:

And besides, what's the point! ITV has been ruined anyway and local programming has been completly reduced. It's not like a new region will do anything. In any case, 40 job cuts will occur with this merge and not for good reason. Already the unions are up in arms.

Anyway, bringing us back to the DF network, now with most of the catchup done, i will resume my fanfic. Dreamer's sims will be continued as soon as possible (possibly next weekend), MangaF has been updated twice with all CCT issues now avalibe as well as YGO- A simple game.

The DF forum now has a RPG section if you want to try your hand as well as contests. I am also running a vote on a possible MangaF panel, please get involved if you can. More to the point, i need an active community!

Now, there is no need for a opt-out on DevientArt or CCR, mainly because i don't have anything specifc i need to say this time round, so its now time for your moment of Ace!

"NO NO NO NO NO...That is not what you do ITV!

Geez... does anyone in ITV have a brain or a heart when it comes to running to supposably "indepdent broadcasting guild"
My response on a forum to the new ITV "region"